"Dan, it has been a pleasure working with you as myself and Shirley’s loan officer.  You made the process very easy and friendly.  We enjoyed working with you.  You were very efficient and answered all of our questions, and addressed our issues promptly.  I will refer you to any of our associates that express an interest in doing a refi or a new home finance. Thanks for being the courteous, efficient and easy to talk to loan officer that you are!!  I wish you much success in your future endeavors." - Ronnie and Shirley L. Ft. Wayne, IN


"Dan, thank you so much for your help getting me a refinance on my home mortgage. You were able to save me on interest rate, loan term and eliminate my PMI insurance. The whole process was quick and easy from start to finish. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to refinance to give you a call." - Eric P. Westerville, OH


"I'm just writing to let everyone know how good of a job Dan Logan did for me on my refinancing of my home loan! It was quick and efficient! He got me a great rate and we closed within two weeks! You could not ask for any better customer service!" - James L. Terre Haute, IN


“My husband and I wanted to reach out and express our gratitude and appreciation to Dan Logan. As we began the first-time home buying process it all seemed overwhelming and confusing. Dan took the time to make sure we always understood everything clearly and provided never ending support to make sure we were comfortable in every aspect of the home buying process. We could not be more pleased with his service and the hard work he put into our home buying experience. Thank you, Dan, for all your diligence, commitment, and effort in bringing our dreams of owning a home to life. We can’t wait to begin living our life and raising our children in our new home! We will be pleased to recommend you to all our friends and business associates when they have similar financing needs.” – Nanette and Matthew P. Seven Hills, OH


“Thank you for making our home buying experience STRESS-FREE and EXCITING. This is the 4th house we have purchased, you and your team’s professionalism, thoroughness and detail oriented approach to making this process smooth for us was exceptional. We appreciated all the knowledge and wisdom you shared as a Veteran, knowing the VA’s home buying process, stipulations, forms and requirements helped this Veteran during the paperwork gathering process. Your due diligence and constant communication with my wife and I was outstanding. Whenever I had a question you fielded the calls, texts and emails with rapid responses and informative feedback. You explained all the “legalese” in a layman’s terms that we could understand. This approach and articulation made making important and educated decisions much easier.  My wife and I are ecstatic to raise our family of 6 in this beautiful house for many years to come. We will not hesitate to use you again and will refer your firm and especially YOU to anyone we encounter who is looking to purchase a home. Again, Thanks to you and your team for all your assistance and support throughout our home buying experience. I can’t emphasize enough how you and your team removed the STRESS from this process. From one Veteran to another… Hooah!” – Mike and Christine N. North Royalton, OH


“Dan, thank you for all your hard work navigating through all the paper work and for your patience with all my endless questions. I’m pretty sure you kept me from having a nervous breakdown. Your knowledge of the procedures’ & understanding of the service you provided were the reason for a successful refi. With your help I was able to roll my 1st & 2nd mortgages together and reduce my monthly mortgage payment about $500 a month. I am thinking of purchasing a new vehicle with the money I was able to save. I can’t thank you enough for making my refi a success.” - Bill M. Decatur, IL


“Dan, I want to thank you for your great service and masterful efficiency that you provided in processing the loan on the short sale of Drury Lane property.  Suzanne, the buyer, and I were very impressed with all that you did!  As a side note you helped make a stressful time - a pleasant experience with a fantastic & happy ending! The listing Realtor was lax in communicating, but you took the ball and ran with it doing some of her job and getting the loan closed in less than 2 weeks!  Kudos to your outstanding and professional work, Dan! We appreciate it very much! Once again, I just want to thank you for your excellent service to your client, Suzanne . . . and to me!  I hope to do business with you again!” – Mary G. Realtor



“Dan, I cannot thank you enough for the extraordinary efforts that you accomplished with my recent short sale. You were able to close in 11 days! This must be a record breaker in the mortgage loan business. As you are aware, Mary, my realtor and yourself know the difficulties in navigating this short sale. Aside from the regular challenges involved, it  was a trial due to the timing required by the lien holders and the incompetence of the seller's realtor. You both went above and beyond to make this sale happen. I would hope that all mortgage applicants would be lucky enough to have you as their mortgage consultant.” – Suzanne B. Mayfield, OH


“I am writing to give Dan Logan my highest recommendation. Dan is both professional and personable. He clearly takes pride in doing an excellent job. In my particular case as a buyer of a sheriff sale home, there were many rough bumps in the road to closing in 30 days. I must say Dan was spectacular and did a great job. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dan Logan to any person who is looking for a mortgage. Please use this letter of recommendation for future customers. Please don’t hesitate to have them contact me. Thanks again for all your help.” – David R. Cleveland, OH


“I would like to take a minute to thank you Dan Logan for all the great help you gave myself and my husband with our refinance of our home. I was not easy whatsoever and it might have taken a little longer than what we expected because of some hang ups but you came through for us! If anybody; friends, family and just anyone in general need any kind of help with refinancing or any other kind of loan I would strongly recommend Dan Logan as your Mortgage Loan Officer to work with. I am sure there are others who are great to work with, but I personally I would prefer to work with Dan! – Mary and Edward S. Bloomington, IN


We wanted to take a moment to express our thanks, and to share our experience with other clients so that they might be assured of the professional manner in which you go about to help arrange suitable mortgages for every client. We were in the eighth year of our 30 year fixed rate FHA Mortgage, but by current comparable mortgage rates we were locked-in at a rather high interest rate, which was costing us hundreds more additional dollars every month than it should.  However, due to some financial issues related to lost employment, we had a couple of credit card liens on our property. While we were gradually paying off the liens, it seemed we could not take advantage of any of the advertised programs to streamline our mortgage.  This was not for lack of effort   as we made many inquiries, into refinancing, but the credit card liens were the "stumbling block".  In one instance our current mortgage holder, at the time, approached us to try to streamline our mortgage, but that failed when the title company said the liens had to be paid off before a streamline mortgage could be granted.  In addition to all this we were accumulating late fees due to a payment date issue, even though our payment was never missed. When Dan Logan called us at home one day to offer a mortgage refinance, we were skeptical that this would be any different than our previous experiences; however, we explained the whole scenario of the earlier efforts.  Dan advised us about options we didn't even think were available to us and assured us that our overall improved credit likely made us eligible for a signature loan that would help us payoff the liens.  The whole process was completed in less than two months, the liens were paid off and satisfied, and our monthly mortgage is paid now before its due date.  The money we save every month on our mortgage payment is more than enough to pay back the signature loan we used to pay off the credit cards and it will also help pay down some of our other monthly statements. We cannot be more satisfied with the counsel and service we received from Dan Logan! Ann and John D. Youngstown, OH


“What sets Dan above the many, many mortgage lenders who called me? His exceptional service.  Dan was the only Loan Officer who put together the exceeding favorable no cash re-finance mortgage we eventually secured. In fact, what others said couldn't be done, Dan accomplished.  As curve balls were thrown given my husband's and mine complicated income structure, Dan seamlessly moved through all obstacles and did all the heavy lifting leaving me with document production responsibilities (I mean who can't easily produce tax returns, W-2s and 1099s??) and the world's easiest E-Sign process. Start to finish took 3 weeks and we were out of the country for 10 days during this period. I wish we could re-finance again!” – Susan B. Dublin, OH


“I rarely write reviews, but in this case I feel compelled to leave an A+ review for my Loan Officer Dan Logan. I initially applied for a streamline refi months earlier and at that time felt Dan was handling the process for me much smoother than I had ever experienced before in a loan application.  After going through that application my wife and I got cold feet and decided to back out of the process. Dan attempted to ease my mind, offering suggestions to keep me in the process, but at no time did I feel I had been put under an extreme pressure or sales pitch to stay in the process. That prior experience left me with a positive feeling about Dan and how he does business.  Months later when the Interests rates started moving up my cold feet disappeared and I went back to Dan.  I re-started the process and again I received excellent advice and service. The process went all the way through and ended up with a completed Streamline loan. It was done Professionally, Accurately, Fast and on schedule as Dan had promised, in fact I ended up with a better result than I expected. The only mistake was my own when I backed out the first time and allowed the interest rates to climb due to the Fed hike.  Bottom line is that Dan Logan is a Mortgage Loan Officer you can trust in and what he says, he will make the process smooth and professional based on my experiences.” – Paul R. Columbus, OH


“My wife Maureen and I would like to express our sincere gratitude to Dan Logan for the incredible job he did with our loan. We were able to close our HARP loan 10 days after application.  The money we saved allowed us to pay off a tax assessment, shave 2 years off of our mortgage and thousands in interest over the life of the loan.  Dan was very professional and followed up regularly to let us know the loan’s status.  He set up a convenient time for us to close and even called once everything transferred to our new mortgage company.  We are very happy with the service we received from Dan Logan and will definitely recommend Dan to all our friends.” – Ron and Maureen P. Chesterland, OH


“I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful mortgage experience. The process was fast, easy and simple. Dan Logan went out of his way during the process to make every step easy. Thank you!!!” – Stephen E; Cleveland, OH


"Dan, just want to thank you for the time you took with me last week. Knowing that I was not going to apply for a loan, you. You spent at least 20 minutes with me just answering one question after another. The information you shared with me was invaluable as a home owner.  Thank you again for your time and knowledge." - Neal M. Indianapolis, IN


“I would like to thank Dan Logan for his exemplary service in helping me purchase my home. I am recently divorced and a registered nurse that works the overnight shift. Dan and New Penn not only worked with my schedule but also worked with my agent in so that I was able to close 21 days after writing the contract to purchase my home. Dan and I talked just about every day and he always kept in the loop about where we were in the process. The process was smooth and their fees were very competitive. I would definitely recommend Dan Logan for anyone who is looking to purchase a home or refinance. I will absolutely be using Dan in the future for any of my home mortgage needs.” – Traci W. Parma, OH


“Hi Dan, I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful work on my client’s deal. I'm amazed that we closed in less than 20 days, especially since it was also an FHA loan. Thank you again and I highly recommend you! Can't wait for our next deal.” – Heather H. Realtor


“My husband and I had a great experience with our Mortgage Loan Officer Dan Logan. The process of getting our new loan closed was faster than I could have ever expected and it was extremely simple. Everything was done over the phone and by email and Dan was always available even evenings and weekends when I had questions. I never felt like I was confused or alone in the process. We will be saving big money on our new home loan payment and even got to skip two months on our new mortgage. I would recommend Dan Logan to anyone looking to refinance and plan to contact them again for any financing needs.” – Angela D. Chicago, IL


“Dan was great! He treated me like a friend form day 1. He helped bring my mortgage down by almost $100 a month. He was always just a text away and always answered any questions I had. Thanks Dan!” – Jaala T.